“Fire” by BTS

A little over a week ago BTS released their music video for their tittle track Fire from their special album Young Forever! And let me just say that this song has and are still slaying af!


Here we have the music video:

“Live your life. It’s yours anyway. Don’t try too hard. It’s okey to be a loser”
“It’s burning up in here”

I think these two quotes from Fire, describes the whole MV and generally the theme for “the most beautiful moment in life” albums.
In this MV you see the boys having fun while surrounded by lots of fire and explosions, just being young and reckless :p Compare to the MV for I need U and Run, this video is quite straight forward, not that much symbols, metaphors and so on to analyze. I have come over a forum where people where trying to read into the MV, but I will not do it here. Either way, what I am trying to say is that the MV is fun to watch, and have lots of elements that is connected with fire.

The first time I listen to Fire, I have to be honest and say that I did not fall in love with it (like I did with Run and EPILOUGE: Young Forever). Mainly because of those loud synths  They are just too noisy for me. Expect for that, I like every thing else! However, this and Dope is the song I will go to if I need to re-energize myself and get some fighting spirit! The song is catchy and they are singing and rapping so clear, smoothed and powerful! I am picturing this song playing on all the clubs in South-Korea right now! 😀 
Errybody say, lalalalala~
Let’s burn it all! BOW WOW WOW!
Not to forget, Suga’s “It’s burning up in here”. The way he says it is too sexy!
I also really like the rap verse where both Rapmon and J-hope is rapping.

Now over to their appearance. Of course they all looked so good! (●´ω`●) Jin with blond hair, Suga with grey, V with orange (now in red-violet color), Jimin back to black, both J-hope and kookie rocking that brown color and at last Rapmon stealing Suga’s color and going mint! 😀
Just one complain though, what is it whit Rapmon’s bold cut?! D: Nonono!! I have seen picture with his hair (more) styled and then it is fine, but when it is laying flate like in the MV, just no stylist, no!
Generally I like their cloths, but maybe a little unsure about those prints. Specially one of Suga’s outfit, the one with the blue shirt and caps. He should not hide his hair in it!

Moving on to the dance. What can I say? It is so powerful, in sync and on point as ever!
(*゚ロ゚) Moreover, it looks so effortless but we all know it is super hard!
Check it down below!!

It is one thing to see them smile, but another thing to see them smile while they are dancing! I really like to see V enjoying himself while dancing!♥‿♥
(Just a tip to armys, read the comments in the videos. They are hilarious! XD)

Even though the promotion for Fire is only a week, due to their busy schedule, they still slay the performance! They even won on M countdown! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ Well deserved!
Take a look at the performance down below! I also have to say that I am so happy to hear the fanchants!

Too bad kookie got sick, and could not perform with them. However, I am glad that V got more lines 🙂 Please recover soon kookie!

This post is getting long, but you can not leave before you have watched behind the scenes on the MV for Fire.
You really get to see how hard they are working! And for new fans, this is a nice way to get to know them better! ^_^ Nevertheless, it is also very funny!

Want to end this post with saying: INFIRES MAN! (A little disappointed with how little infires jokes there are out there. The tittle of this track is literally fire.) Either way, they are slaying this special album, and the title track is super catchy with a awesome dance!
Thanks for working so hard BTS!


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