BTS is in Norway!

It has been 2 weeks since I wrote this post. I obviously wrote this post right after I got the news that our boys were in Norway. However, I thought that since time has passed I could update this post and give you guys if some are still wondering, a quick recap of their stay in Norway.

  • BTS (except V) was spotted in Bergen, a city in Norway on the 16th of May.
    V came one day later due to his drama.
  • 17th of May is the constitution day of Norway. BTS was of course outside enjoying the celebration while exploring the city. (While I am happy that they actually got to experience this, I feel so jealous of those fans being able to see them.)
  • 18th of May was their last day in Norway and they spent the day by sightseeing more.
  • While this travel to Norway was for vacation and celebrating Kookie’s coming-of-age, they have been filming and preparing a gift for us ARMY.


Down under is the post i originally posted 🙂

I can not believe that BTS is right now in Norway!! ∑(゚ロ゚〃)

They are also in the city I live in, namely Bergen!! I have not had the luck to run into them, mostly because I have been stuck at home reading for my finals! TOT However, one of my best friend has actually been able to see both  Rapmon and Jin! (屮゜Д゜)屮

BUT! (Norwegian) Armys, please remember that our boys are on vacation!! If you do see them, it is okay to fangirl a little, but do not take picture/film them without permission! Going up to them and saying a quick hello and telling them you appreciate all their hard work is okay. But do not scream or force yourself upon them!
BTS might me polite and play along, but honestly, if you were in their situation, would you like people screaming and coming up to you wanting to touch you and so on? 

As an army myself, I can totally understand that meeting BTS is a huge thing! But, please have in mind that they are on vacation and behave yourselves!


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