Baek A Yeon’s Soso

Soso is the name for Beak A Yeon’s new digital single. She wrote the track all by herself.
“Baek Ah Yeon was one of the top three finalists in the first season of “K-Pop Star.” She made her debut in 2012 with her mini album I’m Baek, and most recently released her self-composed track Shouldn’t Have in May of 2015, which was a surprise hit and shot to the top of the charts”. Source

Check the song down below:

One comment that frequently can be found in the comment section, is how relatable  the song is. For me “Though I’m jealous of couples (how lucky), I’m not that lonely being alone (it’s quite alright)” perfectly describes my current love life.

Nevertheless, the MV perfectly reflect the lyrics and it is fun to watch with all the pastel colors. Baek A Yeon’s voice is very soothing and fits the song perfect. I also really like that she has monolid eyes (just like me!). It is so hard to find girls in the kpop industry that actually has it, sigh.
Overall, this is a very relatable love song which Baek A Yeaon sings with a lovely mellow voice and has a nice MV.


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