BTS’s “Butterfly” (performance vers.) and “Save me”

I know, I know I am weeks behind. BUT,  it is only because I have been busy with exams and after that I had to catch up with my friends, so I really did not have any time to write this post earlier. Just letting you know, I did not listen to “Save me” until today when I was writing this post. It was not easy I will tell you! > 3 <

When I first saw the dance performance version of “Butterfly” I was mesmerized by it! Even thought the song is a slow one, the dance is so sharp and beautiful! And BTS is topping it all by dancing it so synchronized and flawless while singing and rapping!

I do remember that I did not notice that kookie was gone until I saw BTS forming the butterfly. Mainly because his part was not sung by other members and you could hear his voice in the backing track so well. However, seeing the missing spot really did remind me that one missing from the group does make a huge difference! It was also the same when Rapmon got injured and could not perform on stage, which you can see in the video down below.

I also want us to remember the first time BTS sang this song live. While it was sad that Rapmon got injured and could not perform, I am so amazed by both Suga and J-hope rapping Rapmon’s part (even though Suga’s mic sucked)!


The next video is luckily all of them performing the dance version of Butterfly. They have really come far, and improved so much both vocally and when it comes to dancing! They all did such a good job, but I really want to point out that Jin have improved so much vocally! I also really like that V’s voice really comes out in this song.


The last video of Butterfly is of course from one of their concert. While there is no dancing, the song is slower and a little rock characterized, but sung with a lot of feelings in it. I think it is so amazing that one song can be sung in different ways.
I also have to say that this version is absolutely amazing! I have heard that for their concerts, they get a live band playing and of course they sing live!

We all know that Jungkook is called the golden maknae, and the harmonization he does when Suga and J-hope is rapping, is one of the things that proves that he definitive deserves the tittle! I really like how all of them are just standing there and are feeling the song. But what I love about this performance is how each person can shine on their part, Suga and Rapmon is mouthing the lyrics and how emotional Rapmon was while rapping and after he finished rapping his part.

Now over to Save me:

  • I really like the lyrics to this song!
  • The first few times I heard the song  I was a little unsure about the instrumental of the song, but I could absolutely picture this playing in the mall!
  • I like how the video in the beginning focuses only showing the person singing.
  • Let me just say that I am so happy that V’s raspy voice can be heard in this song as well as Jin getting to show his singing skills!
  • I looove the echo in Suga’s rap and at 1:55 where that word gets a little higher than the rest!
  • They way J-hopes emphasized some word as well as it sounds like he is singing is perfect! And that Ohoh, is gold!
  • In the chorus where Kookie, Jimin, V and Jin is singing after each other is perfect!
  • Rapmon’s part tho! He is nailing it so bad! I really like how in beginning of his rap you can only hear his rapping in one ear and then changes (you obviously have to use head-telephones to hear the effect and they also did this on Suga’s part ^^) Not to mention that Kookies harmonizing is on point!
  • The dance in Save me seems fun and easy (but of course it is not). They are once again in total sync and nailing those moves!
  • Overall: I really really like this song, the dance and the video!
    Very, very, very  good job BTS! This is why I am a proud ARMY, you guys are perfection!


And ARMY’s do not forget BTS FESTA 😀 For those who does not know what that is (like I was a few hours ago):

“Every year since the group’s debut, BTS have held a “BTS FESTA”, and 2016 is shaping up to be their biggest one yet! Starting off with an “opening ceremony” on June 1, fans can expect a bit BTS event every day up until June 13.

As for what the BTS boys have in store this year, there’s the usual traditional events, such as photo albums and performances, and some new things, such as the inclusion of the popular “Eat Jin Live”!”



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