R.I.P Christina Grimmie

I just found out about this sad, sad news. I am utterly shocked that this has happened to Christina Grimmie, who had her whole life in front of her! 22 years old. Christina Grimmie only became 22 years old! This should be enough of an awakening that something has to be done about Americas gun laws!

I remember when Christina Grimmie came out with the EP find me and I jammed to those songs when I had a class trip. I remember the day I was so excited and glad after finding out that Grimmie had entered The voice. I was rooting for her and hoping that she would win while I saw and got blown away by all the performances she had done so far on the show.

Even though I have never met Grimmie and have not checked her videos for a while now, I still can not belive that this have happened to her! However, I am glad you got to do what you loved. You have been such an inspiration and role model for many people. You started with only your youtube channel and have been able to reach your dreams! When I first found you, I admired you for being this “geeky” person who loved gaming (and I just found out) anime as well! I loved that you was so open about it and breaking the stereotype that being a “geek” is uncool/something weird.

I want to end this post with sharing this incredible cover Christina Grimmie did with Sam Tsui. It was and is still one of the greatest cover I have ever heard!

Rest in peace Christina Grimmie!



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