Beast’s “Butterfly”

This is BEAST’s first comeback without Hyunseung. The official statement Cube gave for Hyunseung leaving was “differences in personality that began with different opinions on music“. While some fans speculated that he was actually kicked out of the group due to his alleged “attitude problem”, lack of participating in group activities as well as tainting the groups name because of liking nude/little dressed girls on instagram.

I personally think it is a factor of both. He has been part of BEAST for 7 years and maybe he wants to create a name for himself, not has Hyunseung from BEAST but rather as Jang Hyunseung. The statement CUBE gave most likely is not a total lie. When it comes to the “attitude problem” I do not blame him for being tired for always having to please fans, and maybe even putting on a mask. Not to mention that kpop artist have a crazy schedule with lots of works and not that much rest.  I also read that he is known as 4d prince, meaning him being quiet is part of his personality, just like Leo from VIXX and D.O from Exo. When it comes to what he likes on instagram, I personally do not find it tasteful (that he likes light dressed girls) but it is not illegal and it is his konto, so he can do whatever he wants.

Now with Hyunesung out of BEAST and 4minute sadly disbanded, I really hope we can get a Troublemaker comeback soon!

So back to business, Butterfly was released two days ago and is actually a pre-release track ahead of their comeback, giving fans a little taste of what we can expect from their third studio album called “Highlight”.

From “Produced by Yong Junhyung and DAVII, “Butterfly” is a touching ballad number with lyrics describing the departure of a lover who spreads her wings like a butterfly”.

Check it out down below:

I have to be honest and say that I was a little skeptical that this song is also named Butterfly just like BTS’s. Naturally when I hear the tittle Butterfly, I will firstly think of BTS, because I’m that much of a BTS trash 😛 However, in terms of the story (of the lyrics and video) as well as the beat is totally different.

The ballad is nice,  with a slow and soft beginning then building up towards the chorus. Their voices is clear, strong and nice the listen to. The MV is based outside, in the nature, making the MV really pretty. I really like that they actually included butterflies in the MV, so when the boys sees one they start to remember about past.

The only constructive criticism I want to give is how BEAST is suppose to have this “sad/nonchalant poker face”. I think Kikwang and Junhyung’s expression is too dead, not reflecting any emotion or the lyrics. However, I also understands that actually expressing emotions with only your face is hard, so it might be demanding but with 7 years in this industry I have some expectations.

I will link an English subbed video of the song:

What is your thoughts on the ballad? 🙂








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