“Ribbon” by BEAST

BEAST has released their title track, Ribbon”, for their third studio album called “Highlight”. Check it out~

I really like the dramatic beginning with the beat, piano and violin (or is it viola?). However, I can not help getting a familiar feeling about the beginning. It somehow reminds me of another song but I can not pinpoint to exactly which. Maybe 12:30 or Butterfly?

The MV itself has a dark atmosphere reflecting, giving me Shadow vibes. I do like their dancing set (where they are dancing with the clock in the background). I have to admit that it is nice and refreshing that there is not actually a girl in the MV, but rather different set for each member, where they are thinking about her, trying to find a closure and it looks like they all got on in the end, by doing different things . I just have to point out that Yoseob’s set reminds me of 4minute’s fifth EP “4minute World”‘s cover


When it comes to the song, I think it is refreshing that they did something different with the rap part. It starts fast, but sounds more like he is singing then the pace gets faster and he raps with a little more voice.
The voices of the members blend so well together. However, I cannot help hearing Hyungseung’s 12:30 part in my head when the chorus starts:
“Jigeum urin machi yeoldusi samsipbunui sigyetbaneulcheoreom
Seoro deung dolligo dareun goseul bogo modeun geol beoriryeogo hajanha” T~T
I keep waiting for his voice..

Nonetheless, this is about BEAST and I have to say that I really like Yoseob’s high notes. I have heard some other songs by BEAST and we all know he can belt those high notes, but I really like that the high notes for this comeback was not about belting it all out, but rather soft and getting the feeling out instead.

When it comes to the outfits; what they wore for they individual shots as well as the suits, looks so good on them. I want Junhyung’s sweater :3 and the jacket outfit looks also really nice on him, while Dujun looks so good in the blue suit, but I specially like Yoseob’s long ribbon tie. However, I am not too sure about the pants and shirt they are wearing when dancing. It makes them look like a matador, and not in a good way. Moreover, I personally do not think does hoop earrings do them any justice.

We do not see too much of the dance in the MV, but those moves we do see seems okey. Nothing too powerful and I have to be honest and say that some of it does look a little funny. Although the moves at 1:20 does look good. I like how smooth it all looks ending it with them kicking their foot.

Overall, I like the song even though it has a familiar feeling to it. The dance and the outfit they are wearing when they dance might not be jackpot, but the individual shots and the other outfit(s) and hair was 🙂 What is your thought on this comeback?






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