“Black White (AB)” by ZTao

Former EXO member Tao, who now goes by ZTao has released his first studio album called “The Road”. For this album, ZTao has traveled to Los Angeles “to complete recording and collaborate again with American director Nick Lentz. The album was set to contain four songs, each accompanied by a music video. The lead single “The Road” was written and composed by Zitao over a six-month process, and was released on April 22, with the music video release on April 29″.

According to soompi.com the video is featuring “a juxtaposition between two seemingly polar opposite concepts that represent the two sides of his personality, or what he calls his “AB style.” Tao’s blood type is AB, which some people believe means a person has a split personality.
In the track, Tao seems to respond to some of the negative press he’s dealt withsince leaving EXO in April of 2015 and pursuing a solo career in China”.

You should check the song first, before I go into talking about it

Now that I know what AB actually means, it is so much easier to understand the beginning of the song “AB tha’s my style”. Actually, when listening to the song you quickly get the feeling that this song is personal. I just have to quickly comment the “Swaggy T, that’s me”. I’m sorry ZTao, the only swaggy person to me is Suga VuV

Either way, I really like the beginning of the song. I have never been a fan of EXO, so I do not really know that much of them or heard much of their songs. So for me, it is quite nice to hear ZTao sing. He does have a pleasant voice 🙂 I really love the “Ain’t that true”. I have to admit that I was a little surprise when the beat dropped. I am even more surprised of all the cursing in this video. Specially when this is a Chinese song. But then again, it was recorded and collabrorated with an American director and not a Chinese director. I can guarantee that if it was done by a Chinese director it would have been waaaay differently. However, at 1:27 ZTao: NO!

Nevertheless, it is when he is rapping his talent is shown. I think maybe the beat could even be a little heavier. Otherwise I do find this song catchy and I belive we all once or twice would want to sing this song to our haters.

When it comes to the MV I am actually pleasantly surprised of how good it is and how well edited it also is! I am not too sure what roles the girls play and in my opinion they are not needed. The CG is actually well done. I really like the scene where ZTao is standing/walking on the escalator to heaven. The tree is also nicely done, but it could have been better. At some scenes you can clearly see that it is CG and it does not blend that well with the rest of the prop and with him.

However, I do like the concept for this song and MV. A dark and a light version, which both at the end get fused and shows us that they are both part of him. I think the transition between the two Ztao is very good. It is also not too much and not too little dance shown in the MV.

I can not end this post without talking about ZTao himself. He looks absolutely handsome and bad boy XD in the MV. The style is also on point and that hairstyle tho!(*゚ロ゚)

I also recommend that you guys should check out his other songs from this album! They are also very good!

So tell me, what are you thoughts and reaction to this song? 😛


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