Hyuna’s “어때? (How’s this?)”

Today is the first day of a new month, turning over to a new leaf and starting over. Is this not the perfect day to talk about Hyuna’s comeback? 😀
While I am still sad that 4minute disbanded and waiting in hope for a Troublemaker comeback, I am happy that Hyuna is back with her 5th mini album! 🙂

Check the song down blow:

Honestly speaking, I am a little disappointed in this song. The whole song was anti-climactic and weak (compare to her other comebacks!). Moreover, I was expecting a more badass chorus. I also have to say that I do not like the chorus at all. I do not like the beat or the way she says “어때”. It just sounds annoying.
I hate to sound like a hater (which I am not), but this is how I feel about this song. However, I do like the verse at 2:19.

When it comes to the MV, we get those usually “this is too sexual” comments. While I do agree that this MV is too sexual compared to other kpop videos, but if you compare it to American MV or commercials, this MV really is not at that stage.
Should it or could it be toned down a little? I think so. However, does sexual concept get your attention and even bring more money? You bet on it!
Moreover, of those moves we do see in the MV. I personally do not think they are that sexual, more like sexy (and not in a bad way).
Furthermore, the MV do actually fit the lyrics:

I have to say that I am actually impressed over the lyrics. I thought they where only about partying and having a good time, but it is actually a little deeper that that.
And boy are they not fast in subbing these videos? O.o Though I am grateful.

I just have to quickly comment Hyuna’s appearance. She looks, of course, beautiful as always. But I just wanted to say that I get some throwback feelings from her hair and makeup. Her long light brown hair and some of her outfit/image reminds me of “What’s your name?” era. While the makeup looks a little bit like from “Red” era.

While the title track was not a hit to me, I did however enjoy the other songs in her album. Particularly,  U&ME! The other songs varies from upbeat ones to slow ones. It is nice to hear Hyuna sing and rap to different genre and tempo 🙂


So what are you thoughts on 어때? (How’s this?) and the rest of the mini album? 🙂


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