Suga aka Agust D has finally dropped the mixtape!

As Suga is my bias in BTS (and maybe even number 1 bias! (∩˃o˂∩)♡ ), I have to share his very first mix tape (since debut)!

The mixtape was released on August 16 at midnight KST under the name Agust D. The first mixtape album have 10 songs and features ‘Agust D’, ‘give it to me’ and ‘so far away’.

Check it out!

I read that Agus D might be  Suga backwards (as the the letter t will not sound in Korean) and D is for Daegu, where he’s originally from. I thought his name was August, because he released the mixtape this month XD

Funny thing is that when I first watched the MV, I did not know it was Suga XD > <
I was casually scrolling youtube after waking up, thought the thumbnail looked cool, clicked on it and then saw the guy and thought “doesn’t he look like Suga? … Waaaaaiiiit.. is that Suga?!”



I am obviously so happy for Suga/Agust D! Let me just quote he gets to show “off his killer charisma and swag as he spits fire in (and on) a beat-up trailer”. We must not forget talent as well!

I know you were nervous about the release of your mixtape, but Min Yoongi, you did absolutely perfect! Maybe a little bit too vulgar for my taste, but I am glad to hear you sincere story!  I am so proud and happy for you! Infires man~!!

Just borrowing a comment from the video: “please SAVE ME, this song makes me want to RUN away from DANGER even though i am wearing a BULLETPROOF, the way suga says ‘technology’ is so DOPE, oxygen I NEED YOU for JUST ONE DAY because this track is straight FIRE that it even makes the BOYS IN LUV”

If you want to know what a mixtape is, click here and here for a little more info about Suga’s mixtape as well as little clip of Kookie jamming to “so far away” ^-^


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