Ailee’s “If you”

I somehow knew I would like this song from the first beat! ~(●~▽~●)~
I like that it is a slow song, but with beat and not too dragging.
We all know Ailee got a powerful voice and it might not always fit slow song(s), but her voice is really nice in If you. 
Notice that this is a pre release and her comeback is in September.

The lyrics are yet to be added because I was really early with this song! 7 hours after release, that is not too bad if I can say so myself :3 Anyway, it is quite clear from the MV that this is a  love song. Having problems in your relationship and maybe even taking your partner for granted. Either way, the story in the MV is great and I love how simple it is 🙂

Even though the girl is pretty, I wish they could have used Ailee instead. Or at least put in a few clips of her singing. Oh well..(◕︵◕)


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