BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears”

Me on the 10th on November:

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I have only one word for this comeback:

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Though I wish our boys could have gotten more rest, I am so happy for this comeback!!

I watched the teasers when they came out and watched a video explanation with “you might have missed this when watching the videos”, at least until Suga’s teaser, and though that I might  understanding a little bit of the essence of this comeback and thought that I would not be 100%  lost when the MV came out. But nope, as lost as ever XD > < There is so much you can analyze in the MV (like always) and in multiple way too, so nope, I am staying away from that.

Check the MV down below:


Right after Jimin sang the first note, I knew I would like this song! Not because this was BTS’s comeback, but simply because the song is so that good! When “Run” came out I honestly believed that there would not be a song as good as that one, however, later they came out with “Epilogue: Young forever”, “Fire” and (one of) my favorite “Save me”. Nevertheless, “Blood Sweat & Tears” is taking a step further, but more in the charismatic, sexy direction and portraying BTS as men. I love that we get to see a new side of our handsome (and dorky) boys!

My reaction to their comeback was practically how they are reaction to themselves (๑>◡<๑)
I love how they are fanboying and making a little fun of each other, yet so supporting of one and another! (︶ω︶)

The only thing I could think of when watching the MV was: “Damn, they looks so good!!” and “They are so handsome!” O.O #WhyIAmStillSingle #NoRegrets
They have really switched on their charismatic and sexy/flirtatious look. I am so dead every time Jimin, Kookie and V are singing the chorus and giving us the “look”. But Kookie plis staph. You are my smol child, I can not bear seeing you all this charismatic and sexy!! > <

Spoiler if you still have not watched the MV: Jin’s kiss tho! I thought they would cut it right before he kissed the statue, but then they did not! * O * Not to mention V’s grin right after that! Ugh, my hearteu!

As always their vocal and rapping are on point and lit! I just love Kookie’s harmonization to when our rappers when they are rapping. However, I am a little sad that Jin and Rapmon got so little lines this time. I can in a way understand that they made it up to Jin by letting him being the focus in the MV, but I still wished he could have gotten the opportunity to sing the chorus, at least once. For Rapmon I guessed they made it up to him by letting him say a lot in the teasers and MV. I am happy that Suga and J-Hope got to rap twice, but I still can not stop thinking that it is a little unfair for Rapmon.
However, I do understand that distributing lines are not that simple. You have to think of each and every individuals strength and weaknesses, the flow between voices and maybe even what fans have complained about. Moreover, this is only their tittle track and one of many tracks on their new album. I saw their performance for “21 century girls” (which you can find linked down below), and in that song you can clearly see that Jin and Rapmon have more lines. So both Jin and Rapmon are not neglected and forgotten!

Nonetheless, I am so happy that our hope and angel Hobi is getting more focus and attention on the stage, because he definitive deserves it and are nailing it!


I have to link their comeback stage! 😀
We all know that BTS is 100% synced while dancing very powerful, and they are not letting us down with this performance either! I am also so glad that Rapmon is fully healed and are able to promote with the rest of the group! ^^


They are literally perfect on this comeback stage! Stage on point, clothes on point, makeup on point, hair on point; I am not used seeing Suga with dark brown hair and V all blond (but they look sooo fiiine) and I really love Jimin’s color and I think the rest of the group also got a color that suits them well. I bet Jin is happy about his light pink hair, color lenses; a little unusual for me but they look gorgeous; I am looking at you V,  vocal on point, rapping on point; GAWD, Suga and V your voice is serenading me and not to mention dance on point; smooth and in total sync! The dance is also sensual, yet powerful at the same time. I specially love the move from 1:14-1:16. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_  ♡(ŐωŐ人)
I am wondering if Suga (or other members) find some moves embarrassing XD Specially the floor roll on 1:25 and and that hip to the air move at 1:29. Not that I am complaining about those moves at all! Actually, I want to thank Keone Madrid & Quick Style Crew from the bottom of my heart for choreography the dance! (灬♥ω♥灬)

Just have to comment a little bit about our boys:
0:44 Jimin, too sexy
1:07 V, who are you trying to fool? We all know that behind that sexy fasade is an alien..
1:35: Urgh, my hearteu! Kookie, calm down, Rapmon, you can not just sneak a wink in there! Suga, stop being so sexy so effortlessly!
2:14: Jimin you sexy beast! You are so going to kill one of my best friend who is stanning you so hard!
2:38 V such a beautiful yet creepy smile
2:56: J-hope, calm your expression man! You are suppose to be our angel and hope, not angel and lust!
3:31 I am dead..

Honestly, this is a hella perfect comeback! The song itself is so catchy, with awesome beat (which also follows the American trend), the MV is amazing; so pretty, detailed and with very good effects and the hair and makeup is on point! Only down side is the line distribution between the members, which I hope BigHit will change in future comebacks.

To BTS: This comeback is lit af! I know you guys have work hard, and do you know what? That hard work has paid off! The stage was lit and you guys was shining 100% in every aspect! You guys keep on improving and impressing me every time! I am so proud of you guys and so happy that I am part of your fandom! Thank you for working so hard and keep on fighting!! \(☆^ー^☆)/  ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑) But please take care of yourself and do not overwork!! >o<




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