Happy Halloween!👻🎃

Happy Halloween my dear readers!

Bilderesultat for halloween anime gif

I can not miss this opportunity to share some dark concept/Halloween themed kpop songs with you guys! 😀

The first song I always think of when Halloween is close is:

Funny thing is that I actually found VIXX because of their eye catching costume for On & On. I have been a ST☆RLIGHT since then! 😀 ^^

Actually, VIXX is the king of dark concept group, so many of their songs really suits Halloween:

The most creepy MV by them (you are warned):


While the next song itself is not scary, the story of the MV is a little messed up e.e

While the songs mention till now it is mostly the MV that is dark, the next song, Fantasy (also by VIXX), is actually the opposite. I do not find the MV as dark themed as the other ones, maybe an exception when they are in the woods dancing, but I find the song more Halloween and scary like, specially in the beginning with Moonlight Sonata.  


Boyfriend had their share of Fairy Tale themed MV. While they might not be scary, the MV and their clothes still look beautiful and awesome, and definitely gives us Halloween feeling


The MV, Shadow by Beast  definitely gives us a mysterious feeling, which suits Halloween perfectly

The MV for Thriller by BTOB is definitely perfect for Halloween

I just had to add the next song, solely based on the name XD I also really like that they have a zombie dance move 

The next few songs I have decided to share, might not be as scary, creepy or dark as the ones mentioned above, but I feel like they do have some scary/mystic/creepy factors that can fit Halloween


So what is your go to music for Halloween? 😈 And I hope that every one of my readers have a happy Halloween!💀





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