FlowBack “Come A Long Way”

I found this song about a month ago and never got the chance to write it about till now , but let me tell you that I was repeating this song so hard the first two weeks! XD
The band is called Flowback, formed in 2013, but just debuted (7-9-2016) with the single Come a long way. 

The members singing and dancing skills are at a professional level, and they got the looks as well *smirk*. Each member continues to grow while each being in charge of something different. You can find more information about each of the members and the group here  

Due to Japan’s stupid rule of not making the MV available for countries beside Japan, I have linked a dance version of Coma a Long Way. I do wonder what the MV looks like, but since I am unfamiliar with the group, I think a dance practice is perfect for recognizing their faces, moreover, see the dance clearly. I just have to quickly comment that they dances quite powerful and are very in synced!

I really, really like the song! You guys have probably noticed that I mostly like pop songs with (heavy) beat, and this definitely has it! Their voices blend so well together and that rap part tho!

As I am more used to kpop where it is expected that every group more or less should dance powerful (weather it is sexy, cute or mature) and in sync, I have to say that these guys are good! I actually noticed that there are not much sexy and “enhancing certain parts of your body” moves, which I find refreshing and nice to see. Do not get me wrong, I do like those sexy moves, but I just think that we see that almost in every kpop song , unless the concept is cute, and it is simply just refreshing and not distracting for this song XD It probably would not have fit either if FlowBack for example suddenly did a body roll in this song.

The only complain I have, besides not being able to see the MV, is their clothes!! I know Japan’s fashion have many styles and some more colorful, vibrant and experimental than others, but what in the world are they wearing?! The only almost acceptable outfit in the video (for me) is the one with the hat, and even that it is barely passing. (I do not really like the sweater). I like the casual and sporty look they are going for, but a big no to way oversize pants and sweater! They do not need to go with super tight fit pants and shirt, but something that would at least look flattering on them and not make them look shorter!


Due to me being such a BTS trash, I can not help but think that the blonde guy, Mark, resembles Suga sometimes! And the guy with the black hair (which I actually like his pants, but not the combo with the shirt), Masaharu, reminds me a little of Lay #SorryNotSorry VuV

Either way, I think this was a very good debut! We clearly see that the boys are talented when it comes to dancing, singing and rapping! I will definitely keep an eye on them and hope that they will make even better songs in the future and keep on improving their skills in every aspect! ^^ FlowBack Ganbatte!


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