Update on my life + cheer up songs ^^

I had my second exam today ಥ_ಥ Two exam in one week o(╥﹏╥)o
My day could not have started any worse…

You guys know the dreadful dream about oversleeping and being late for an important day, mhm, that happened to me today!! I somehow (probably because I revised until laaate yesterday) managed to set the alarm an hour later than I was suppose to. For our exam, we should also meet at least 15 min before the exam. So my exam started 9 o’clock and I should have been at the examination hall at 08:45. Guess when my alarm rang, at 08:45!!!つд`)

(Not so) long story short, I ended up taking a taxi and was late by about 15 min. I was pretty sure I would still be able to take the exam, because I have seen people being late by 30 min and still got to take the exam, so I was not too worried about that. It is just not a happy experience either way. However, I have to say that the invigilators was super nice. They told me to relax and that this happens to everyone and just tried to make me feel at ease. Even though I was not flustered or super stressed, it was nice of them to just be chill! ┐(︶▽︶)┌

In aftermath, it is quite a funny story to tell x3 I just recently re-watched Lovely Complex (one of my favorite anime :p Do you guys want me to write a review of the anime? It is such old and classic anime, so I am not sure if you guys want one. Please leave a comment below ^^) and this incidents made me remember how Otani overslept for his college exam!! XD I was seriously in a rush trying to get dressed and rush out the door like Otani. Luckily it did not snow, though I do not know if pouring rain is so much better… *sigh*

The exam itself was just URGH!(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ The teacher who made the exam is not the same teacher who have been doing exercises with us, so he does not really know what we know or not know (as it shows in the exam!!) and also what kind of exercises we have worked on and so on. So the exam was full of stuff we had not gone through and which we are suppose to learn next semester!!! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
I really hope many people will complain about the exam and that the people correcting it will be lenient.

So that was my “awesome”day. How have you guys been while I have been gone? 🙂
Just a little shout out to ARMYs out there: I am so glad that our boys won the daesang!! God work everyone!!⎝ᄽ⏝⏠⎠Seeing their reaction is just priceless and warms my heart. They definitely deserves it, and more!
Remember to vote for them on MAMA! But is anyone else having trouble logging in?(◕︵◕)

So back to what the post is suppose to be about xP Even though my day  and exam did not go as I had planned, I am not feeling super sad or frustrated, just tired XD However, for any of you who is having a bad day or in the future when you are having a bad day. Here are two newly released songs you should check out:
Even though I kind of took a break from blogging, I still keep an eye on what is going on in the kpop world. That remind me, sad that yet another gril group, 2NE1, have disbanded. I am starting to feel that the kpop world is slowly starting to become more and more unfamiliar. There are so many new groups debuting all the time, and the groups I know from when I started to listen to kpop is disbanding, member(s) changing  or promoting more in Japan and so on. While I do not hate knew groups it is just that they are becoming younger and younger, and I hate being older than them xD I also do not have some much time to invest into a whole new group(s). Moreover, I also feel a little awkward watching kids trying to act all sexy. I admire their hard work and I know that they have to start somewhere, it is just that I can see that they are young and that they lack the charisma, which honestly just makes me cringe a little inside.

Aaand I tracked off again xD So the first song I want to mention is:

I knew I liked this song from the first beat! (●´ω`●)
Everything is just perfect with this song! I looove the chours with the nanana and the piano in the background and Taeyeon’s harmonization!
While the song is a break up song, it is in these situation not knowing Korean is handy. While you might not be able to identify with all the lyrics (unless you are having a heartbreak), just hearing Taeyeon’s voice is so calming and healing. You can hear that she is singing about something sad, but that she is slowly healing.

As always, Taeyeon looks beautiful and the MV is so well put together, so pretty!(。♥‿♥。)

SM really have to start considering putting English subtitles on the videos -_-


The second song is:

Can you guys see who that is? I honestly did not recognize Jiyoon at all! Not in appearance or in voice. It is such a 360 transformation. She went from this fierce, badass girl who raps though, to this soft girl who I honestly did not know could sing so well!! Furthermore, she looks so healthy! ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

I love the song and the MV is absolutely stunning!(´ω`♡)
I think this song is both for her and for us listener. In the video below, she said that she wrote this song while 4minute was disbanding, and I think that it reflects in the song. However, that is what makes this song so powerful. She wrote this song when she was going through something hard in life, she came through it and became even stronger and we can now lean on some of the strength and keep on fighting!

Even though I am still sad that 4minute disbanded, I hope that Jenyer’s (solo) debut is successful! If you want to know more about the debut and I do, please watch these two short videos down below 🙂
Have to say that I think she suits the grey hair more O 3o


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