Manga review: Silver

Chapters: 7
Volumes: 2
Status: Cancelled
Genres: Shoujo, romance, Sci-Fi
Author: Yuki Suetsugu

Synopsis: Aoba loves volleyball, but after an accident, she is unable to continue with the sport. Gin, the weird guy in her class, nominates Aoba  as a volleyball member for the ball tournament. “I want to play with you” he says. How will the story unfold from there?

As stated above, the manga got cancelled due to plagiarism, which is such a shame, since the characters and story is interesting and the manga really had potential. However I want to make it clear that, as I have understood, she did not plagiarizer stuff for Silver, but rather for her manga Eden no Hana which she worked on at the same time as Silver. So Silver got cancelled as a punishment so to say.

Characters: I really like the main heroine Aoba. The fact the she is petite and actually as tall as me adds a few points :3 But really, it is so refreshing to see a petite, strong willed heroine, who just enjoy a sport and that love is not her number 1 priority.

About the male protagonist, Gin, without spoiling anything, let just say that he is keeping a secret from everyone, which Aoba will find out what it is. He really is a different character, but love the development he goes through. Can I just say that he looks so handsome in the last chapter :3

Story and art: That art is quite shojou, but really neat and good to look at. The author (actually the same person who has mad Chihayafuru) is good at captivating the emotions of the characters and the scene.
I really like that the manga just jumps right into the story and it has a nice pace. I only wished we would have gotten a little thorougher introduction about the time they are living in. The beginning only said that this happened in the future, and then the world is suddenly so technical advanced and there are rules you cannot break and so on, which was a little confusing.

Conclusion: It is such a shame that the manga got cancelled in the middle, and where it started to get exciting too ( ≧Д≦) I really wanted to read how the manga would end and all the drama in-between.

After reading the manga I was determined to write a post about it here on my blog, wanting to  warn people about this manga. It is by no means bad, it was just frustrating that the manga started to become so interesting only to find out that it will never continue and never have an ending.
However, after letting the manga sink in. The last chapter is actually quite satisfying. Yes we are left with unanswered questions (but it is not a crisis as they have not meant to much to the story) and of course we want to know how the manga will unfold and end, but the last chapter itself can actually work as an ending. In reality, the story of the manga is quite bitter sweet, and the last chapter is quite sweet, giving at least for me a quite satisfied impression of the manga.

What I want to say is that the manga is worth reading, if you have in mind that it will end in 7 chapters. The story might not sound much based on the synopsis, but because I do not not want to spoil anything (since it is so short), the manga really is much deeper than that and worth your time reading it.

Spoiler thoughts & comment:
I did not see the whole “Gin is a robot” coming at all! Even thought it was a nice, surprising yet sad twist to the story, the only thing I could think of after we got to know the information was, “what is going to happen to them?!” Will they stay together for a while but then Gin has to be shut down or something like in Zettai Kareshi? Or are they going to live happily every after? I, of course, want a happy ending but at the same time, Gin is in the end a robot, so he will never get old and they can never have a kid of their own. Did I mention that he is a robot? Because our technology is not that advanced yet, maybe in the future who knows, the fact that Aoba is together with a robot is a little weird. I know, this is a manga and not real life but I can not help thinking so realistic about it \_(ツ)_/

– When Aoba started to view Gin as a robot and the scene where he killed that fish with the law mower saying that the fish is not alive, creeeeeeped me out!



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