DSP Media’s new co-ed group K.A.R.D

On Tuesday  I met up with one of my fellow kpop trash friend, and we listened to various kpop songs. One of the songs was of course “Oh Nana” by the new group K.A.R.D. I regret not checking them and the song out earlier, because both are lit!!✌♫♪˙❤❤˙♫♪✌
What makes the group stand out first of all is of course that they are a co-ed group. I have been yearning for this so long! I know K.A.R.D is not the first co-ed group, but I really hope they last!

K.A.R.D consist of 4 members (from the eldest to the youngest) J.Seph, BM, SoMi, JiWoo. 
Note that the group does not debut until 2017. However, the group will launch 3 singles, which “Oh Nana” is one of them, which will feature a hidden member. The hidden member is not actually a member, he or she is just featuring.

I think the hidden member idea is smart, but I also feel a little mixed about it. I just hope that the members do not get overshadow by the hidden member and also that they do not give the hardest part to them as well. I really like YoungJi’s part in “Oh Nana”, but I wished that some other in the group could also sing some high notes.

I like the fact that the company wants the group to release a few singles as a pre-debut and focus on offline music performances and promotions letting them get use to being on stage. I do wish that they could sing “Oh Nana” on music show tho ●︿●

You can read a little more about the group here and here

Here is a fun little clip of them singing and introducing themselves:

Here is another video, where they introduces themselves in a little more detail and about their group concept:

It is really nice for a change to see how well these boys and girls interact with each other. I wish that all groups could interact so freely with each other!!

For everyone dying to hear “Oh Nana”, here it is:

The song is a dance groove based on the moombahton genre. FYI, “Blood sweat and tears” by BTS belongs also to that genre 😉
The song is catchy and makes me want to dance, while the MV is mystic yet so pretty. Only wished that we could have seen the faces to the members more.
Big star to DSP media for putting English subtitles!

So me and my friend was very impressed by K.A.R.D and we searched for a live performance.

I honestly have to say that both me and my friend was a little disappointed with the energy and stage presence of the group, particularly with  JiWoo. Her moves lacks energy and becomes even weaker when she is singing. I felt that J.seph had the most stage presences when he was rapping compared to BM, but a little disappointed that he did not manage to rap all his part. Funny thing is that I felt that BM was the one who had the best presences in the MV between the two of them. However, SoMi and definitely BM nailed the dance! Me and my friend was so amazed by BM’s body roll! *U*  ≖‿≖BM honestly makes me think of Eric Nam for a reason xD

I just have to quickly comment that I do not like the twerking or the body shaking to the girls. I just do not think it suits the song or should I rather say that the song is not sexy enough for those moves. Either way, I find those moves a little awkward ( ´_⊃`)

The choreography video for “Oh Nana” was released yesterday. Compared to the live video above, all of the member is shining in the video. I believe they have gotten more practice and it is easier to focus on thing rather than two. Either way I am happy to see all of them busting those moves! \(▽ ̄\( ̄▽ ̄)/ ̄▽)/

So I want to end the post with a video og K.A.R.D reacting to reaction video of their MV.
I think it is really nice that they are so much on social media.


I am looking forward to K.A.R.D’s next song! K.A.R.D fighting!! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ
And people, please keep the shipping low. Ship them as brother and sisters. They are after all a lot on social media, and BM knows English, so do not make this awkward and uncomfortable for them!
For DSP: you better treat this group good! We like K.A.R.D and want to see them grow for many, many more years!




4 thoughts on “DSP Media’s new co-ed group K.A.R.D

    1. Yes, let us hope that DSP media does that right as well! > < But I think K.A.R.D has a little advantage (compared to other rookie groups) that they are a co-ed group. That definitively will make a lot of people curious 🙂


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