BTS’s “Spring day” is out!!!

I am for once suuuuper early! > U <
I managed to watch their pre-show on V Live  (even though I managed to miss the first 25 mins.. (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚and then watching the MV 5 mins after it has been uploaded!
I really appreciate that there were some English subtitles on the pre-show. I would still watch it without subtitles, but it is more fun when you at least know the most important of what is happening and why they are laughing and screaming (≧ڡ≦)
This is my first time being so involved with a comeback and it is by coincidence too. However, it was a really nice experience. Just hate that I do not really have anyone to fangirl with (˵¯͒⌢͗¯͒˵)

Just a very short information about their new album You Never Walk Alone. It is the epilogue to WINGS, and contains 4 new tracks: “Spring Day”, “Not Today”, “Outro: Wings”, and “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone”. The title song “Spring Day” is an alternative hip hop song that combines the emotions from British rock and the sound from electronic music. Did you know that Rap Monster wrote the main melody himself? image

So I bet you came for the MV right? Check it out down below ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*

Let me just first say that they all look soooo good (a little unsure about V’s outfit in the beginning of the MV..) and the MV is so colorful and aesthetic, just beautiful!(●≧艸≦) The editing of the video is just amazing!! Rapmon with purple hair tho!! Are we going to start calling him purplemon now?(๑→‿←๑)
And thank you BigHit for putting the subtitles before releasing the MV!(≡^∇^≡)

It must sound a little stupid for me to say this, but I did not think the song would be that upbeat XD I mean, from the teaser it was more like a ballad song. And I know that teasers is often remixed, but still!! However, with the thought that the little clip we got to hear in the teaser was the last verse, it is not weird that it was slower than the rest of the song.

I have only listened to the song three times, as I am writing this post. In my first listening, I thought that the song sounded so different compared to BS&T or their previous title tracks, I am not sure why I thought that. Maybe because I had to focus on so much at once (not that I am complaining at all!). I am trying to watch the MV, but at the same time since there are subtitles, I wanted to read those as well and then I was listening to the song itself.

However, the first listening to “Spring day” drew me in. It was only me and them. And every verse just hit me, the beat, their voices and their feelings put into singing and rapping the song. I have to say I was taken back when Suga started to rap. It might sound stupid since the singing/rapping formation is almost like in BS&T, but I just did not expect it and his lyrics hit me even more. But can we just take a second to let it sink that he is actually wearing a pink sweater? (๑♡⌓♡๑) (゚⊿゚)
I have recently (or more like from last year) not been able to hang with one of my best friend due to different schedules and both of us being busy. However, I have specially in January and in February, felt more forgotten and replaced.It is the worst feeling ever, but the worst part is me not being able to confront my friend about it.  In a way, I really feel that my friend has left me. She is active on social medias, but really bad at answering, making it harder to keep in contact. So you can see her online, but for whatever reason, she does not reply the messages… But she sometimes snaps me being all social with people from her class and so on, and that is like adding salt to the wound. I miss her, but “How long do I have to wait and how many sleepless night do I have to spend to see you to meet you?” It feels like I am the only one who is suffering,

Sorry, for hitting you guys with a little of my own problems. I did not see that coming However, back to “Spring day”. I was hit once again with feels when “passing by the edge of the cold winter” verse started, just hearing it in the (full length) song was just amazing. From what I heard it seems like the lines between the vocal line has been distributed more equally and I love how the voices would harmonize and blend in together. I always find myself baffled over Kookie’s soft and harmonizing voice! He is just so talented!  T^T I also have to say V’s voice killed me. (ó㉨ò)ノ♡ I am glad Jimin did not need to belt out high notes in this song! We all know he can do it, but it must be so exhausting when promoting the song week after week. Even without his high notes, Jimin perfectly captures my heart with the chorus!image Jin has also improved so much, his voice is so mellow!!

What I am taken back a little, is that J-hope did not get a rap verse in “Spring day” and as far as I could hear, he does not sing much either. Does he even have any lines in this song? And I am not talking about backing vocals, like real lines! He was the center in BS&T, and for “Spring Day” it seems like the vocal line and Rapmon got more lines. So I am happy that they rotate for every comeback and let different people shine, but I hope he seriously gets some lines on music shows and so on. I know that BTS thinks this through and I am sure Hobi gets more line in the other song in the album, so I am not too worried!
Furthermore, even if this song sounds upbeat, how will the dance turn out? (`_´)ゞ I am really curious to see that ^^

I originally just planed to write a short post about this comeback, but it turned more personal than I expected. Nevertheless, a really, really dope song! While “Run”and “Butterfly”  will always have a special place in my heart, “Spring day” is definitely a song that I feel so connected to right now and will be replaying it again and again for the time being. Who am I kidding? Even if the song did not hit me emotionally, I would still replay the life out of hit, I am a BTS trash after all (ノ≧ڡ≦) Teehee~!  Moreover, now that the MV is a little shorter compared to BS&T we have to stream like our life are depending on it ARMYS!! 
BTS FIGHTING!!٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)


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