K.A.R.D have released “don’t recall”

K.A.R.D is back!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° If you are new to the group, please click here

I felt the verse before the chorus was a little tame, I think I miss a little more timbre, a little more power from SoMin. I think it is because JiWoo sings in a lower register with some attitude on her part and then we have BM’s part with his voice (which I will come back to) and so it seems a little tame on SoMin’s part. I love her voice and I really like her “I don’t know you anymore”, but wished she could have added some vibrator on “anymore” or emphasized it a litt more.

However, that beat tho! Loving it!\( ̄ー\)(/ー ̄)/ Moreover,  like that the first verse is sung slower and  softer, building up to the chorus and then releasing it all on the second half, where we get J.Seph’s rap and then there are a lot more harmonizing and so on. Really like how they wrapped it up at the end too! \(^\)(/^)/\(^\)(/^)/

I really like how JiWoo sounds at the beginning of the video. I felt more presence from her than on “Oh NaNa”. I really think this song suits her voice, so well done JiWoo! I really like SoMin’s voice, but again, the only thing I am missing is a little more power from her when the beat drops. I love how she sounds at “Moments of heart pound No No No no No” and I wished she could have sounded something like that on her other parts as well.
Now let us talk about BM!! I can not believe he sang! It is so cool to already seeing (and hearing) different sides of him (and of the other members as well) before debuting! Loving his low voice and hope we can hear more of it in the future! And the last is J.seph. He nailed his rap, just like last time. Pleasantly surprised that his part was so long too.

The MV is aesthetic with lots of different colors and angels and K.A.R.D looks good. I love the close up shots, but I wished that the further away scenes, would not have been zoomed out that much and show us “the whole” set. I felt that that made the video seem stiff and you can obviously see that it is a set. I am also a little disappointed with the set and their clothes for the dance scenes. I mean simple is not bad, but the way they changed the filter for every dance scene was a little annoying. Their clothes was simply boring and I wished they could have made it a little more distinctive like the rest of their outfit in the MV. I feel that they sometimes are swallowed by the background (´-`)
Speaking of outfits, I do not think SoMin’s dress was the best choice when she and JiWoo was lying on the carpet. It was gorgeous, but it made her blend in with the carpet (´Д`)

When it comes to the dance, we only get to see some snips here and there. It looks cool and they seems to be in sync, but I am a little concerned that it might seem a little too powerful compared to the song? They are probably going to try to make the moves match the beat, but I hope it will not look to forced. Either way, I am looking forward to their live performance!^^

To sum it up: I like the song and we get to hear a different side of JiWoo and BM, however I wished SoMin could have been a little more powerful on some part. The MV is nicely edited with lots of different filters, which some worked better than others. Their sets and props are also very nice, though some scenes, in my opinion, showed a little too much of the set. They all look good in the MV, without looking to glamed up. However, the stylists could have put a little more effort when it comes to their outfit in the dance scenes.
It is overall a very nice, catchy song that was worth the wait!

By the way, did anyone notice that they did not have a hidden card in this song? I thought they would have it in every pre-debut song. However, this is nice too, because then we are only focusing on the members!

K.A.R.D fighting!!



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