Taeyeon’s MV for “I got love”

I know it has only been kpop posts lately, but I was just so early with this MV! I watched it 7 min after is has been released! (*⁰▿⁰*) That’s super early!!  Either way I am going to keep this post short 😉

“I got love” is a track on Taeyeon’s first full album! Congrats! ヾ(´^ω^)ノ This is actually a pre-releas, and it is not stated that this is her tittle track, so maybe there come another MV later.


“I got love” is definitely different from her previous songs. While the others felt more daily, relatable and even talked about her own struggles in the music industry, the MV for “I got love” gives off a more flirtatious, elegant yet sexy vibe. The song also gives off some Indian/Arabic mixed with jazz vibe. I am actually not too fancy of the trumpet(?) sound, but like the rest of the song. Taeyeon’s voice is soft, yet she manages to make her voice powerful when needed.

Taeyeon reminds me of Beyonce at the beginning of the video when she is surrounded by the mirrors. I am sorry!(●´艸`)


Taeyeon is gorgeous as always, and I love seeing her in her natural hair color, as well as in dark brown with fringe. Even though it was a little unusual seeing her in light blue contact lenses, I really think she looks so pretty and mystical, really suited the MV.

Bilderesultat for taeyeon i got love
She looks so edgy here! But a little much with eyeliner on the bottom as well?

However, I felt that the look under was a little too much. Made her too Westernized and even a littel unrecognizable.

Bilderesultat for taeyeon i got love










So what if your thought on “I got Love”. It is definetly different to her previous tracks, but I am glad we get to see and hear different side of hear. However, I still need to repeat the song a few more times before it grows on me, but definetly looking forward to hear her first full album! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Taeyeon’s MV for “I got love”

  1. I agree that it is shot beautifully 🙂 However, I am a little curious on how the diamonds and the remote-controlled helicopter fits into the song. Are they reflecting the lyrics or is just for effect?


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