The MV for “Not today” by BTS is released!

This is the earliest I am ever going to be on a MV! Only 2 seconds after it has been released!! That gotta be a record!!(ㆁᴗㆁ✿)


I have only listened two the song twice, and refrain myself from watching any fancam from their Wingstour! And let me tell you that the torture was worth it! The whole song and MV is🔥!! While we are so early that the video is not subbed, there are already English translations of the song floating online. I feel the song is about BTS working hard, as well as telling us to fight for our dream(s) or whatever hardship that is in front of us. However, just like “Spring day” I feel like the MV and the lyrics tell two separate message. Before the MV for “Not today” MV was released on Youtube, there was a youtuber who was live streaming the MV (it was released on V Live first). And she suggested that the scene where BTS is being shot down could be referring to the war happening in Syria. Moreover, the back-up dancers are covering their whole body except for their eyes, which resembles a burqa. BTS is know for taking up hushed topics so this theory could be into something.

So back to the MV itself. It is gorgeous! It is filmed beautifully, and edited flawlessly! I love the little details put into the MV, for example the dust falling from the ceiling at 1:44 and how they also used the dust to transit into next scene at 1:48. I also love the glass platform (that looks like glass) which they are dancing on at 3:17!

The dance is awesome! It is powerful and in sync (like always), perfect for a fierce song!imageSuga is simply mesmerizing at the beginning, and I love Rapmon’s move at 2:42! It was so nice hearing J-hope rap after that, it feels so long since I have properly heard his voice even though I daily stream their songs. I just love Kookie’s “gyeonwo chong jojun balsa” (Aim your gun! Ready! Fire!) and the dance moves suits perfectly to it! o(≧▽≦)o♪
I really love the different formation in this song. My favorite is at 4:08. It is simple, but they all get to shine, and adding more power to it by having the backup dancers lined behind them.

It was worth waiting for “Not today”. The song, dance and the MV is dope!Their lyrics is once again encountering us to keep on working hard, just like what BTS does everyday! I can not wait for BTS to perform “Not today” and “Spring day” live!

On a side note, I am so jealous of every fan that gets to go on their Wing tour! image The struggle is so real being an international fan!!
To BTS: please take care of yourself!
For our hope and angel, J-Hope: A belated happy birthday wish to you our sunshine!(●´ω`●) Even though you had to perform on your b-day, I hope you had an amazing day! You bring smile to use ARMY and your dancing and rapping skills is no joke! We love and appreciate your hard work Hobi!




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