Teen Top’s “Love is”

Bilderesultat for teen top high five

Teen top is back with their second studio album called “High Five”. The title track is “Love is”.

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I have not been paying attention to kpop in Mars and April, so I did not know that Teen Top were going to have a comeback, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a live performance of Love is by them.

It is naturally sad that L.Joe has left the group. I remember when I first found Crazy, and repeated the life out of the song, and thought L.Joe was cute and was rooting for him when he tried to get Sohyun back.  I also really like his rapping, he sounds more soft which I think makes him stand out. I wish the best for L.Joe!

The last song I really liked of Teen Top was Miss Right, which came out 4 years ago! I remember how that hand shaking move went viral in the kpop world! 

Edit, now that I have done a little research. Their comeback in 2016 was not that bad. However, it is still not as good as Miss Right. 


It has been a while since I saw Teen Top (on live shows) and since their songs never manage to catch my attention after Miss Right, I was super surprised when Love is started.


I was drawn to the Love is when it started, and when that happens you know that the song is going to be good! Love is  is catchy and the vocals and rapping are strong and does not get overshadowed by the instrumental.

The MV was nicely put together. Good color combination and editing. I like that they kept the MV simple and only had the members in it. It was a good balance between showing us the dance and the “story”.  I really get some throwback from this song and MV. Like the 2011/2012 kpop era. Maybe that is why the song is so good?
Side note: did anyone else think that the picture at the end was L.Joe?

It is no surprise when it comes to the dance. It looks so smooth and easy, while in reality it needs some massive stamina. They always have these awesome formations and those foot moves. I like that, from what we can see in the MV, it does not look like they have fanservice moves. I usually think of Teen Top as a group that has a lot of moves which they need to bounce from one place to another, so I am glad they are still doing that now. It feels like they are exactly like when I found them back in 2012, just matured up Which makes me happy since more and more groups from that time is disbanding or losing members.

I am so impressed by the live. Everyone has stage presence and in sync! As I said before, as expected of Teen Top. They also look really good, matured fiiiine~ (*⁰▿⁰*) Niel and C.A.P’s hairstyle is goals! And I somehow never noticed that it was Chunji who sang the high notes. I am impressed!

Speaking of Niel. I am so sad I missed his solo! This song is so good! Moreover, we all know he can sing, but dance that well too?
The MV looks good and well put together. Really like those lights that looks like wings.
I am also getting some Taemin vibes from him!


So overall, Love is a strong comeback with some old kpop vibe, which we all love right? The MV, dance, hair and makeup is on point! I really hope they manage to win with this song!!  Teen Top fighting!! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧







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