MeseMoa’s “Shadow Kiss”

I went to study at the library last week. I decided to take a break and casually scrolled through my facebook feed when I came over this (NB! Not for homophobic people):

Who would not be curious of a tittle like this? So I clicked play without knowing what to expect. Note; I was sitting in the computer corner and luckily there were nobody sitting behind me or beside me to the right, only a guy to the left (and he was busy watching a movie..) Let us just say that I was suuuper embarrassed and confused! (⊙︿⊙✿) ( Γ˚Д˚)Γ  I mean who would not?!

You are probably wondering what the song is called right? Check it down below:
NB! be prepared for 36 kisses between the members!!(⊙︿⊙✿)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Haha, sorry, I just had to add the last emoticon)

So first of all, let us just address the elephant in the room, namely the kisses (36 kisses in total! I was not the one who counted btw xD). It definitely surprised me! I did not expect the members to kiss. While I am not used to see same sex kissing, it is no doubt very brave and admirable that MeseMoa has a MV with so many kisses in it! We know how Asia view homosexual relationships, so it is very good that they, as idols, addresses the issues same sex partners faces, and also tries to spread positive vibes about homosexual relationships. I just hope the members wanted to do this and was not forced to kiss each other. I also hope that people who are fujoshi or watch/like the song or MeseMosa for only the kisses, will open their eyes and realize it is more than just fan service!

I like that they have different types of kisses in the MV. When I hear the word “kiss”, I often think of it as a kiss on the lips, but as we see in the video, a kiss can be placed wherever you want. I realized with this video that there are different intimacy with a kiss. (I hope this paragraph is making sense XD )
I also like that the kiss changes accordingly to the lyrics. I found a great site that shows English subtitles along the video here
So for those wondering: there are 22 kisses on the lips, 10 kisses on the head/neck area, 4 kisses elsewhere on the body, and 3 moments of almost kissing. Source

Then over to the song and MV. Without thinking of the deep meaning of the song (and only thinking about the instrumental and vocals) I think Shadow Kiss is not particularly unique when it comes to jpop. However, it is catchy and I like it. The MV is simple and tries to convey the lyrics, which they manage. I am a little curious on why they chose to have a background that seems to be inside of a church. I am not too fan of their clothes. They look a little like matadors, I would love to see them in more prince like outfit >u<

So here is the rest of MeseMoa’s 1st album “Secret”:

What is your thoughts on the MV and its message?
I would actually love to see the behind the scenes of the MV, and know how Japan has reacted to this song.


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