Sistar’s disbanded + summer songs to jam to

Long time no see my dear readers! How is the summer vacation going?

My first post after all this time has to, of course, be about Sistar’s disbandment. I am still not over it to this day.imageFor me, their disbandment came out of nowhere. I really like Sistar! They were a group with good dynamic, both off and on stage, good at dancing, singing, rapping, had no problem with Starship (as I know off) and had no scandals! I also really like their image; sexy, fun, bubbly with confident. They were our summer queens!

On one hand, I think renewing their contract for another few years could have been a good move. Their fanbase was not the biggest, but they did top the charts whenever they had a comeback. And with so many 2nd generation girl group disbanding, which is so sad!!, they could have used that as an advantage to gain more popularity. They have their image set; beautiful, sexy women having fun in the summer. However, new girl groups are being debuted all the time, so the competition could also be getting harder.

On the other hand, being an idol is restricting and having to do what is best for the group and constantly having in mind that you do not only represent yourself is tough. So I do understand that they would want to do whatever they wish after being restricted for 7 years. For me, Sistar’s disbandment is the second saddest thing that has happened this summer, but the disbandment itself was done so clean and well! We the fans, Star1, actually got a closure! So thank you Sistar and Starship! (ಥ ̯ ಥ)

I wished their last song could be their usual, fun, energetic and bubbly song we get in the summer, nonetheless, I am also thankful that it is a song with a sad theme.
On a side note; their music video is really friendship goals! I always liked how they were having fun and having each other back in the music videos!

I honestly could not watch their goodbye stages when they first came out. Their disbandment is really bitter to me. I do not have many girl groups I actually like, it is(/was) 4minute, Sistar and Gfriend. Lonely was also hard for me to listen to, due to what happened in my personal life. Even know I feel really sad, just listening to it. I actually shed some tears when I first heard Lonely. However, it is a really good song!

I chose to share this goodbye stage of Lonely, because of the fan chant. It really is nice to hear Star1 going strong, even at the end, and I hope that Sistar knows that they have been and is still being loved! YOU GUYS WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!! Star1 will be very lonely without our summer queens!!
However, it really is heartbreaking to see group photos or video clips from their previous comebacks in the background. It is sooo sad, but the performances and stages is really done gracefully!

I was really happy to see that they did a medley of Shake it, I swear (personally one of my favorite) and Touch my body! I am really glad to see them in summer outfits and cheerful on stage! I absolutely love their hair on this (last) comeback, those space-buns is really cute!! Soyu’s “I love you” tho!image
I wished they could have done a stage with Give it to me (which actually was the song that made me a Star1) and I like that.

I also have to share this medley of Touch my body, Loving U and Shake it. They all look gorgeous here and I love Bora’s rap for Loving U. 

With this disbandment, Hyolyn and Soyu will continue with music, while Dasom and Bora will focus on acting. I read somewhere that Bora will also continue with music, and I really hope that is true as I love her rapping and I think her singing voice is also cute too. Thus, I hope that she gets to showcase more of herself. I also hope Dasom does not fully stop singing. She has improved very much since Give it to me and it would be sad to see her throw that away.
I sincerely hope that in the future, we can get a reunion of Sistar, just like with SM’s first girl-group S.E.S. Sistar did, after all, disband because of mutual agreement, without any negative feelings towards each other. All of them, except for Bora, also re-signed with Starship. I genuinely hope that Hyolyn, Bora, Soyu and Dasom continue to keep in touch with each other and stay friends, despite the fact that they are going separate ways.


While summer officially died along with Sistar, and we will no longer get summer songs from them There is a few summer songs that I personally like and want to share with you guys.

The first one had to be Hyolyin ft. Kisum’s Fruity. I really like the chorus and the rap. The MV has bright, fun colors that scream summer. Moreover, Hyolyn looks so cute with space-buns!

The second song I want to share is Hola Hola, by the finally debuted co-ed group KARD!image

I have to honestly say that I was a little disappointed when I first heard this song because it is slower compared to their other three songs , especially since this is their debut song. However, the song is catchy and the MV is beautifully shot and emitting summer vibes! I also love seeing them enjoying themselves in the MV. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised to hear “Oh Nanana” and that they used the same move like in Oh nanana. That put a smile on me! image This is definitely a song you should jam to in the summer!

I also want to quickly comment that; yaaas, they finally debuted!! It is so weird seeing them on music shows now, but I am glad they finally get to showcase their talent on stage!
From Oh Nanana to Hola Hola, I am impressed that they have kept up with an upbeat synchronized dancing and interacting dance moves between the guys and girls. I can see this as their trademark. Furthermore, thank you DSP media for putting English subtitles on the song, as well as releasing an English version of Don’t recall!image I hope that is not an only one-time thing! image
I hope that KARD will hit it off in Korea, but at least they are doing very well internationally! KARD fighting!image

The next song I want to share is Red Flavor by Red Velvet. I instantly fell in love with the song Red flavor. It is happy, upbeat and fun, just like summer! I also really like that the dance suit the song without over exaggerating being cute or sexy, it is full of positive energy! I really like how the song ends. I also really appreciate SM putting their names in the MV, since I am not familiar with the group.

The fourth song is Apink’s FIVE! Finally, they are having a comeback! The beginning does remind me LUV, but the rest of the song is like their usual Apink song. It is good to see that they still have the pure and cute image as before! They are all so cute!! I love the gardening house and the outside with picnic stage. I wished I had a so pretty place to go to, as well as pretty clothes, perfect hair, and makeup to go to!

The fifth song is for those who wants to jam to a slower song:

The MV is so beautifully shot! And can we just talk about their voices? I can picture myself listening to this song while taking a stroll when the sun is setting 

Another slow song but a little more upbeat.
“Summer love~ summer love~” is ringing in my head after listening to the song.

We must not forget rookie groups/less popular groups! The seventh song is Crush on you by VOISPER. Three words: vocals 👏on👏 point! The chours makes my heart melt!

At last, if you need some push to get into summer mood, just listen and watch The star of stars by SNUPER. The MV is absolutely beautiful and it will also make you happy and ready to dance like nobody is watching! 


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