About me! (✿◠‿◠)

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am just your average silly, dorky and shy girl who loves manga, anime and kpop (hence the name of this blog)

I have always been afraid of speaking up and worried sick about what others think about me. For a long time, I could not talk about manga, anime or kpop with anybody, except for my older sister. At the time I made this blog, I had only two, three friends who shared the same interests, but I seldom got the opportunity to actually fangirl with them So I made this blog where I not only can practice my English, but also talk about what I love and hopefully you, who are reading this, will find my post interesting, helpful and fun to read

Because Uni (aka University) is taking more and more time of my life  I am not able to be so active. I will try to post whenever I can, so please have patient with meimage

Also, feel free to come with suggestion if there is anything you want me to watch, listen, make a review and so on!

As always, thank you for dropping by! 


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