Spent my whole day watching “The Flower of Journey” ep. 41-50 (ᗒᗨᗕ)

If you have read my post about episode 1-40, along the way my mother started watching the drama with me. These past weekends, when I wake up I like to turn on the tv and just watch for maybe 30 min (I know I am lazy). So instead of watching the tv, my mother suggested that we continue “The Journey of Flower”, and only watch one episode. I told her that it was not going to happen,  but she insisted. And was I right! We ended up watching the show!! (≧∀≦) Screw homework right? :p

For the rest of the post, I want to talk about those episodes. So be prepared for spoilers!

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My thoughts on the Chinese drama “The Journey of Flower” (ep. 1-40)

It has been a little more than a week since I caught up to “The Journey of Flower” or also known as “花千骨”. This drama is currently still airing, and there will be another 11 episodes (if I am not mistaken). Because “The Journey of Flower” is not completed, this post will not be a review. Because I have many things I want to comment upon on this show, I have decided to write this post, which is going to contain spoilers! 

Since I started writing this post three more episodes have aired, but because I have not watched them, I will not talk about those episodes. And just to clarify, I am not going to talk about every single episode, but rather those scenes or occurrence I found funny or so on.

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