Nu’est W is finally baaaack!(*^U^)人(≧V≦*)/

For those who do not know, Nu’est joined Produce 101 season 2, and Minhyun ended up in the top 11 and is promoting under Wanna One for one and a half-year. The W in Nu’est W, therefore, stands for Waiting for Minhyun to come back. Is that not sweet?

Nu’est W “had pre-released “If you” back in July as a special gift to their fans. However, their mini album “W,HERE” is the first full comeback since JR, Ren, Aron, and Minhyun were on “Produce 101”.  Source

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April’s Take my hand

April is back with their 4th mini album “Eternity”.

The title song for their album is called “Take my hand” and it is a medium tempo dance track filled with the group’s lyrical emotions. The album concept is of course love and revolves around six girls who want to be remembered in our heart.

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BTS’s comeback!

Hello, my lovely readers! Long time no see!
I am so sorry for disappearing without saying anything( /)w(\✿)
You see, I am actually abroad and I am currently in the country that blocks almost every (Western) social media⊙︿⊙ Moreover, I am going to stay here for a year! So the last time I blogged I was still back home, but very busy trying to get packed and ready for my exchange year.
I have also arrived a little over two weeks. The first week went to orientation and registration (which was awfully slow and painfulب_ب) and then last week was my first week with class. I also met some technical problems during my first week here.
So I am still getting used to my new busy and intensive schedule, but hopefully I will still be able to blog!

So I just had to make this post about BTS’s comeback!

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Sistar’s disbanded + summer songs to jam to

Long time no see my dear readers! How is the summer vacation going?

My first post after all this time has to, of course, be about Sistar’s disbandment. I am still not over it to this day.imageFor me, their disbandment came out of nowhere. I really like Sistar! They were a group with good dynamic, both off and on stage, good at dancing, singing, rapping, had no problem with Starship (as I know off) and had no scandals! I also really like their image; sexy, fun, bubbly with confident. They were our summer queens!

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Teen Top’s “Love is”

Bilderesultat for teen top high five

Teen top is back with their second studio album called “High Five”. The title track is “Love is”.

Click here for individual photos :3

I have not been paying attention to kpop in Mars and April, so I did not know that Teen Top were going to have a comeback, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a live performance of Love is by them.

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Taeyeon’s MV for “I got love”

I know it has only been kpop posts lately, but I was just so early with this MV! I watched it 7 min after is has been released! (*⁰▿⁰*) That’s super early!!  Either way I am going to keep this post short 😉

“I got love” is a track on Taeyeon’s first full album! Congrats! ヾ(´^ω^)ノ This is actually a pre-releas, and it is not stated that this is her tittle track, so maybe there come another MV later.

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